Madvapes is one of the pioneers of vaping in the East Coast. The business started purely by chance but it surely made the most of every opportunity to grow into the company that it is today.

It is the project of a programmer who wasn’t even trying to sell anything online. He just wanted to test his code and used vaping products as random elements. It just so happened that his test site actually attracted attention from the public.

Orders came one after the other as people all over were looking for products in an under-served market. It was clear that there could be something special here.

MadVapes Promo Codes and Coupons 2018

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Growth was organic. The makeshift home office had to move into the garage as more stocks came in. Then they had to rent massive warehouses just to match the scale of the operation.

Part of the company’s success lies in its ability to feel the pulse of the market and make the most sought-after products immediately available. Madvapes is also famous for its low prices and excellent deals. A lot of electronic cigarette users come to its stores to check the latest deals and see if they can save a few bucks. Here are some examples:


Right now, Madvapes is offering a 60% discount on e-liquids by the brand Conspiracy. These come in 15ml, 30mL, and 60ml bottles. Regular prices range from $11.25 up to $33.99 for the biggest capacities. With the substantial discount, vapers can get a large stock of these for a month’s worth of consumption at incredibly low prices. Some might even resell these to friends if so inclined for nice profits.

Try the various flavors to see if they are to your liking. For instance, there’s Conspiracy Clouds Diana which is meant to taste like green tea lemonade with a passion fruit undertone. There’s also the Conspiracy Liquids line favorite called Bohemian Groove which features an interesting flavor profile with blueberry peach vanilla parfait mixed with a cinnamon granola crumble. Use the code “ITSACONSPIRACY” during checkout to avail of the discount. The offer is good while supplies last. The White line is excluded in the promo but all others are included.

Military Discount

The military’s dedication to serving the country is deeply appreciated by Madvapes. Like many other businesses, the company has decided to offer discounts for the men in uniform. When they buy products from the store, they will be entitled to 15% off e-liquids and 5% off hardware.

Call the customer service hotline for more information regarding this. The staff will provide guidance on claiming and answer all other pertinent questions. These are pretty substantial rate cuts that you should definitely consider taking advantage of if you are qualified. The discount for e-liquids should be particularly appealing for long-time users. Just find your favorite flavors and go get as much as you like.

Free Shipping Over $35

Another great deal offered by the site is free shipping for orders that are worth over $35. This is great for people who may not have access to the physical stores of Madvapes and can only purchase through the online store.

It’s a pretty low bar that should be pretty easy to reach with just a few bottles of e-liquid or a piece of hardware. That’s a lot of savings which can be repeated each and every time without fail with the right planning. Be strategic when buying stuff from the site and you should be good to go.

Coupon Codes

Aside from these deals, the site also publishes coupon codes every once in a while to highlight certain products or celebrate special occasions. The Conspiracy promo is an example of this. The availability of the codes depends on the season and the stocks.

Sometimes there are several that people can use on their purchases. The important thing is to keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to the blog or their social media pages to get the latest updates. Be sure to take advantage of these promos quickly as they might not be open for very long. Use these as opportunities to try new things.


One of the best ways to get a hefty discount is to buy in bulk. This has always been a rule when it comes to sales. Wholesale prices as simply lower than retail, often by a wide margin. Those who are interested in buying products wholesale should check the special site of Madvapes called Wholesale Vaping Supply. It is perfect for people who wish to make a business out of this hobby and perhaps start a store locally.

The company ships all around the US and even abroad to any country, though customers should be aware of the shipping fees. International orders are not covered by the free shipping promo.

Price Matching

Madvapes is committed to providing the best products at the lowest prices to its customers. If you found an item being sold for less elsewhere, then inform the company through the hotline and they will try to match the price. With this price matching policy, you can be sure that every shopping experience provides the best value available.